Cindi Lou & The Red Hot Royals - Who we are

We are Rockabilly, Blues & Such band from Detroit Michigan

Cindi Lou (Vocals) :  Formerly of The Motor Inns (Detroit Rockabilly) and Kentucky Chrome (Toledo Rockabilly) Cindi Lou grew up listening to her father croon Sinatra and her mom spinning The Everly Brothers on vinyl. In her early career,  she performed in a string of bands, including: 90's Rock / Alt,  (Death Metal Natalie -  Minneapolis, MN) Blues, (The Big House Blues Band - Muskegon, MI) and  (Basic Blue - Lansing, MI). Today, she enjoys the company of her amazing Rockabilly family and looks forward to her next side (doom) project, Minerva.

Heath Matzkows (Guitar) Heath is an awesome guitarist who has been in too many bands to name. He is currently in Kentucky Chrome as well as CL&RHR. He loves to camp, travel and hang out with family and friends. 

Niall Sullivan (Upright Bass):  Formerly of Escaping Pavement, Americana and currently in Moxie Bliss, Niall is a salsa dancer, makes beer and loves his daughter Willow and Husky, Hunter.

Charlie Bongo (Drums) What can we say about Charlie. He has been in every type of band imaginable. Punk, Ska, Rock, Funk, Dance ... the list goes on and on. Both Charlie and Niall are also in Moxie Bliss, a cover band that plays top 40 goodness from 70's to now.