Cindi Lou & The Red Hot Royals - Who we are

We are Rockabilly, Blues & Such band from Detroit Michigan

Cindi Lou (Vocals) :  Formerly of The Motor Inns (Detroit Rockabilly) and Kentucky Chrome (Toledo Rockabilly) Cindi Lou grew up listening to her father croon Sinatra and her mom spinning The Everly Brothers on vinyl. In her early career,  she performed in a string of bands, including: 90's Rock / Alt,  (Death Metal Natalie -  Minneapolis, MN) Blues, (The Big House Blues Band - Muskegon, MI) and  (Basic Blue - Lansing, MI). Today, she enjoys the company of her amazing Rockabilly family and looks forward to her next side (doom) project, Minerva.

Bert Franco (Guitar): formerly of Whitey Morgan and the 78’s grew up listening to ZZ Top, James Brown, The Stray Cats, Willie Nelson and Creedence Clearwater Revival. After the breakup of his first band Six Shooter (rockabilly/psychobilly) he found success as an upright bass player with a local favorites Billy Mack and The Juke Joint Johnnies (Americana). In 2012 the Juke Joint Johnnies were disbanded, and he went on tour with Whitey Morgan and the 78’s. In 2014 Bert stepped off the road to finish his studies at Eastern Michigan University. During this time he found work as a hired gun for regional acts Kari Holmes (Pop Country), and The Messarounds (Blues and R&B). He continues to work with Carl Bradychok (of the Twistin’ Tarantulas and Jack Scott) and Donn Denniston (Mike Katon/Kiss Me Screamin) in their band North of Memphis (Rockabilly and Country).

Jon Olszowy (Drums):  Formerly of Dafino (LA experimental rock) and Steev Baker and the Lost Letters (WI indie/folk), Jon is a multi-instrumentalist whose musical career has spanned multiple genres, from punk, thrash metal  and speed metal to alternative metal (Killing the Driver – Fond du Lac, WI), Indy Rock (American Misery- WI), heavy rock (Shag Carpet- WI),  Alternative Lo-Fi Chamber Pop (the inkwell collective- WI) and Post-Rock Internet Collaboration (The Beautiful Light).

Todd Perkins (Upright Bass) is is a Bassist, Guitarist, Vocalist and Composer who has been active in Roots Music both here and internationally for the last 40 years. In the 80s he was a founding member of Swing Revivalists The Blue Front Persuaders; the 90s saw him in the Jump Blues band Big Dave & The Ultrasonics, playing extensively through the U.S. and Canada; and from ’98 to now he has been the Bassist for Blues Rock heavies Michael Katon & The Helltown Blues Band, traveling with them for their many tours of the U.K. and Europe. In the last decade, he has also formed the infamous Reptile House Records label and released 5 solo albums, as well as forming popular regional Rockabilly & Swing band The Shelter Dogs, which he led and managed for 6 years until his departure last April. When not writing, recording, or playing with The Royals, Michael Katon or other friends projects, he can be found at his farmhouse in SE Michigan, relaxing with his wife and their many cats and chickens, reading Science Fiction and Mystery novels and attempting to play the banjo.


Niall Sullivan (Upright Bass):
  Formerly of Escaping Pavement, Americana. Niall is a salsa dancer, makes beer and loves his Husky, Hunter.

Mike Boyd (Guitar): Guitarist, drummer. Plays with the Gennesee Ramblers. Also a sound man. All around good guy.